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Containerised System Solutions

Geplaatst op: 06 december 2016

Explosion protected containerised rooms and solutions deserve clear responsibility on both functionality and any other safety aspect involved.
Clear transparancy on these aspects is often lacking in daily practice, especially in multi-vendor based containers, buildings and rooms. Combinations with local parties involved in construction interconnection or installation, having various to minor knowledge about (Ex-) safety, may even further decrease the level of safety to the originally intended.

R.STAHL-Electromach offers Containerised Solutions as a service, from design to operation. For decades our daily business means coping with continuously evolving regulations and ever increasing environmental demands.

The modular approach we provide offer huge advantages for control and distribution for stationary, mobile or temporary applications for offshore and onshore environment. Our “fit for purpose”- philosophy requires us to be a partner that understands your application and challenges, also leading to cost efficient solutions.



Minimize your risk
Safety can not be based on individual component certificates only. Services from design to certification and testing will minimize your project risk and clear responsibility from one party, STAHL-Electromach, only. Whether you need to comply to electrical, mechanical or safety standards, our solutions team will help you with the design, selection and validation based on IEC, EN, NEC and other worldwide standards.

Added value – engineering
Because our core experience is dedicated to Oil & Gas and (Petro) Chemical industry, we understand your environmental challenges. From prototyping to start-up, our consultants transform your specification from an early stage into an efficient explosion protected solution. Whether you prefer pressurisation by means of ventilation (Exp) or other Ex protection methods.
We understand the impact from early design decisions and their influence on practical usability and cost aspects.


A containerised system can have many functions such as machine control, VFD, UPS and energy distribution, often resulting in significant heat loads. Manned solutions will have an impact on the design to comfort of your personnel leading to state of the art HVAC and ventilation integration.
Latest 3D mechanical design combined with experienced multi disciplinary engineering and full local production will speed up your project lead time.

From solution to valuable asset.
A containerised system is only a solution when it operates to full satisfaction of our client during the complete lifetime of the installation. Project management will help you optimizing this process from start to operation including on-time delivery, transport, documentation and certification. Extended Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) services further supports this. Our complementary worldwide Site Assistance is highly valued for Site Acceptance Testing (SAT), commissioning, Ex-inspection, modification, repair and maintenance. 


Focus on safety
Explosion protection thus safety is embedded in our organisation. Full IEC, NEC, EN and ATEX certification compliancy is no specialty but our standard. Therefore efficient an cost driven design still means no compromise on applicable hardware, software and safety standards. Other complementary services include verifications on FMEDA, mechanical, electrical, (I.S.) intrinsic, and functional safety (SIL). Control solutions are combined with the latest ergonomic remote or local HMI interfacing technologies offering valid diagnostics and clear user information.


Sustainable and innovative
A smart solution is an optimal combination based on more than 20 different Ex-protection methods available, e.g. to keep your solution compact lightweight or mobile. Sustainability is embedded focal point during early design, preferred material selections and production process.
Innovative designs can overcome traditional (Ex) component-based limitations on equipment size, heat load or footprint, hence even lowering the need for expensive certified internal Ex-components and cabinets.


Our multi disciplinary project team enables selection of the most onerous combinations with respect to function, environment, energy-efficiency and project requirements.

Ready for action
It doesn’t matter if you need a remote instrument building (RIB), transportable ventilated container (TVC), equipment shelter, field auxiliary room (FAR), service module, Local Equipment Room (LER), analyser house, Operator Cabin or other type of packaged unit.


Our worldwide represented solutions team is NEC, ATEX and IECEx certified on explosion protection and TÜV certified for functional safety. We are an in-house certified system integrator for common PLC platforms.
Test our consultants and rely on more than 50 years of IECEx , NEC and ATEX solutions experience.



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